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The Brooktree Fund Difference

Partnerships Based on
Integrity and Transparency

Brooktree provides an array of financing options for non-owner occupied real estate utilizing our own investor capital and by leveraging our extensive network of private and portfolio lenders throughout the state of California.

Fast. Flexible. Experienced.

We Value Our Broker Relationships

  • Fast flexible loans
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Experienced investment professionals
  • Easy application and transparent underwriting
  • Simple loan documents thereby reducing closing costs

California's Premier Private Money Lender

Real Estate Investment Criteria

Why Work With Brooktree?

We are committed to responsible, compliant lending practices and we welcome mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bankers and real estate professionals who share our approach.

We offer fast, private money lending solutions that cater to each borrower’s set of circumstances.

We have a distinct advantage over other lenders because we are able to fund loans in a fraction of the time, typically within 7-10 business days.

At Brooktree we understand the value of the relationship between you and your clients.

Our goal is to put your client’s needs first and to build a lasting relationship between all parties involved.

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