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Direct Real Estate Loans Funded By Private Money Investment

Brooktree partners with private investors to make loans to borrowers just like you. Because the money used to fund your real estate loans comes from private investors, this type of loan is commonly referred to as a private money loan.

Depending on the size and complexity of your loan, we can approve your financing request in 24-72 hours, and fund your loan in 7-10 business days.

We work with professional real estate developers, brokers, and investors throughout California. We have loaned over $100M to borrowers just like you.

The real estate loan types that we make include acquisition, bridge, construction, refinance, and rehabilitation.

Typical property types that we lend on include residential, multifamily, commercial, industrial, and entitled land.

The majority of our loans are non-recourse, which means that we do not require a personal guaranty from you the borrower. Instead, our loans are secured by the subject property.

Is A Private Loan Right For You

Private lending grew out of the 2008 market crash and resulting regulatory changes.

Traditional banking institutions who had served real estate developers prior to the financial downturn increased liquidity requirements, and in general, pulled back from asset-based real estate lending.

Private lenders stepped in to fill this market need, and private and hard money loans have now become a staple of real estate financing.

Real estate developers and investors like you often prefer private loans from direct individuals because of the expedited funding, reduced liquidity requirements, and simple application and approval process.

Why Work With Brooktree

Not all lenders operate equally. Private money lending to this day has an unfavorable reputation in some circles. This is a result of predatory lenders who position themselves to make even more money if their borrower defaults. These lenders will actually make loans that set their borrowers up for failure and then capitalize on your losses.

Further, some lenders are easy to get a hold of while applying for your loan, but when it comes time to service your loan, they seem to disappear.

With over $100M in loans funded Brooktree has not had one single borrower default. We are invested in your success and aim to provide you with exceptional customer service. We know that many of our borrowers are serial developers and we look to build positive long-term relationships with all of our borrower clients.

To find out more about applying for a loan with Brooktree, give us a call today.

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