General Questions

Our borrowers are real estate professionals looking to develop or invest in real estate. Our borrowers often come to us because they have a need for expedited funding, have maxed out their leverage with conventional lenders, or have blemishes on their credit.

Brooktree provides both recourse and non-recourse loans. The majority of our non-recourse loans do not require credit checks or a personal guaranty.

We finance a large variety of real estate projects and investments and offer acquisition, bridge, construction, fix-and-flip, refinance, rehab, and term loans. 

Program Details

Brooktree provides loans for non owner-occupied real estate in California. We provide financing for raw and entitled land, single and multifamily homes, commercial, and industrial real estate. 

Currently, Brooktree only provides loans for property located in California. 

We do not require a minimum credit score and do not run a credit check when processing your loan. All of our loans are non-recourse and secured by the value of the property. 

For most of our loans the minimum property value is $150,000.

The max loan-to-value (LTV) that we will lend is 75% for acquisition, bridge, and refinance loans.

The max after-repair-value (ARV) that we will lend is 65% for construction and fix-and-flip loans.

Yes, Brooktree will loan up to 70% combined loan-to-value (CLTV).

Brooktree also syndicates joint venture deals with established developers. In these circumstances we can help you finance 100% CLTV. 

Yes, in fact the majority of our loans are made to business entities including LLCs, corporations, and limited partnerships.

While we mostly lend to entities, we also will l loan to individuals. 

Yes, we do lend to foreign nationals, however, all entities must be US-based. 

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